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Strategic Advisory,
Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions Designed for Business Practices

The team that stands behind LEAP Strategies has always taken pride in being at the forefront, as a mover and shaker MSP pioneer in the 90s they have evolved to bring Australian businesses strategic end-to-end IT solutions.

LEAP Strategies’ proven approach empowers leaders and teams to invest in technology that enables business strategy, people and growth.

A culture of service excellence enables leadership teams to mature their technology platform and embed new business practices that help to grow sales, ensure compliance or boost efficiencies.

Digital Environments that Evolve with Your People

Always with the big picture in mind, LEAP develops iterative strategies that target and build on short-term operational wins while managing any problem areas that require immediate attention along the way.

This creates a secure and staged process of digitisation that future-proof’s your business and allows people to evolve with your systems, ensuring uninterrupted business continuity as your operations transition to your desired state.

Getting More from Your Technology Investment Today

As your virtual CIO, LEAP’s strategic advisors also help executive teams to balance budgeting priorities and address key pressure points of risk, compliance, and practice change with rigorous systems, policies and change management training.

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Align Strategy to Business Goals, Execution to Uplift Operations

LEAP Strategies is the business partner of choice to empower leaders and their teams in achieving big business thinking and operational excellence.


“LEAP Strategies has a unique ability to navigate technological problems. When I talk to the team at LEAP Strategies they speak my language and try not to make it too technical, offering solutions that I can understand.”

Francis Stewart – Director, Bob Stewart

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