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A Proven,
Tailored Approach

Why Take the Leap?

LEAP Strategies is the catalyst for unlocking a leadership team’s vision by enabling, accelerating and protecting their business with proactive, robust processes, systems and infrastructure.

Supply Chain Efficiency

By leveraging LEAP’s networks and expertise, we help clients to extract greater value from their supply chains and technology budgets without compromising on quality of service delivery.

Unlocking Innovation Budgets

This enables leadership teams to achieve far greater ROI and reinvest valuable technology budgets in innovations, improvements and efficiencies that cut straight back to the bottom line and improve capability.

Operational Certainty

LEAP Strategies has a strong track record for uplifting compliance, reducing security risks and enhancing team engagement with IT processes and policies to address the most significant pressure points for clients.

Shining a Spotlight on Success

Third generation family business, Bob Stewarts is a hallmark retailer in the world of school uniforms around Australia.

Partner-centric in its approach, LEAP Strategies has collaborated with Bob Stewarts for 15 years to continuously adapt its technology solutions to match the business’ needs.

Over the years, LEAP’s technology strategy for Bob Stewart’s has evolved as it has expanded its presence in the digital landscape and opened more stores across the country.

When LEAP was first engaged by Bob Stewarts, a very basic Point of Sale (POS) systems was upgraded to PC systems to accommodate growth of its retail network. Over the years, LEAP has managed every technology transition with improvements made to everything from security and authentication processes to network design and upgrading hardware or server requirements to ensure the business can keep up with demand.

More recently, Bob Stewarts has merged with another business and LEAP has been integral in helping to navigate the transition, ensuring the business can trade effectively through a period of rapid growth and expansion.

During the merger, LEAP has helped enhance communication between the two merging companies and assisted in keeping connected on the same networks.

The Technology Partner of Choice for Retailers

Platypus Outdoor Group is a Melbourne based company who offer military, law enforcement, and emergency responder footwear, clothing and field gear for public and government purchase.
LEAP joined forces with Platypus in 2001 to implement and manage their technology solutions. Since the partnership began, LEAP has built a trusted relationship with Platypus through successfully establishing and maintaining their servers, network and security. Security is paramount due to their direct dealings with law enforcement and military forces in Australia and around the world.
LEAP’S industry leading approach to technology and security has helped Platypus have the right systems in place to enable growth and instil confidence in their customers that they are a very cyber secure organisation.
In addition to supporting Platypus, LEAP recently provided strong strategic advice and completed a ground up rebuild of their e-commerce web platform through their Platatac™ brand.
This strategic advice centred around how to increase sales and conversion rate, as well as steps to ensure the customer journey is handled seamlessly from add to cart to delivery. This enables Platatac to carefully manage the correct order of operations and allows warehouse procedures to run smoothly.
This has seen the website grow in very impressive numbers across all key measurement points.
As Platypus look toward the future, LEAP is constantly evaluating how it can continue to leverage the latest technology and processes to improve business operations and efficiencies, and keep them secure to ensure their business is sustainable.

“We have worked with LEAP Strategies for a number of years because we really value how the team is always looking for ways to enhance efficiencies behind the scenes to ensure our team have everything they need to deliver the best retail experience for our customers.”

Platypus Outdoor Group

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