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Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) serves as a structured approach to mesh your technology seamlessly with your business objectives, carefully managing risks and ensuring you are compliant with industry and government standards.

Your Compliance Journey

We understand that sifting through endless regulatory standards is not for everyone. LEAP Strategies cut through the noise to help SMEs in Australia meet their obligations. We have created a framework that prioritises your business.

Understanding Your Needs

Our detailed assessment aligns your business with Australian regulatory standards, notably ASIC and APRA, crucial for meeting your specific governance, risk and compliance needs.

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Crafting a Blueprint

We tailor your strategy to comply with laws like the Privacy and Corporations Acts, ensuring our solutions align with legal frameworks for a secure, compliant operational foundation.

Taking Action

In the final phase, we execute our tailored strategy adhering to Australian standards and regulations, with hands-on support for changes including OAIC data protection and financial compliance.

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